An American Tactical Vest

A tactop plate carrier is a lightweight form of vests made specifically for quick and easy deployment by law enforcement and military personnel. This vest is worn on the hips with the front facing up in order to keep the vests easily visible to other people. The vests are made of soft armor that is designed to withstand the stresses of being carried around by an operator and also withstand the occasional jolt received from other people while on duty. These vests also come in both color combinations tan/white and black/gold, to allow both single and multi-color combination’s if so desired.

The vest is equipped with four small pouches that have a built in zipper in the top panel. The pouches can be used to carry either tactical packs or general packs depending on what is needed. The small pouches are also equipped with Velcro straps that are used to secure the equipment in place. The inside of the front flap of the carrier is lined with a comfortable, plush material that will prevent irritation of the skin by the hard armor.

The armor in these vests are made out of shock absorbing polymer materials that will help reduce the impact force received while the operator is carrying the load. They have been tested and will hold the weight of equipment without breaking down. The soft armor has also been treated with an antibacterial agent that helps reduce the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin, reducing the risk of contamination. The carrier itself has also been treated with a reflective coating to increase the visibility of the wearer.